Hello! My name is Rossana. I’m a Brazilian – Canadian little human (I’m only 1.60m)  who LOVES photography and travel. The passion for travel came because of my passion for photography, I’m not gonna lie, but today I’m addicted to both. So in order to bring together both my passions I’ve decided to come back to the blog-sphere and share a little bit of my experiences with whoever is willing to read it. Probably my sisters and one or two friends.

I know there’s a million travel blogs around the World Wide Web. I’m aware of that. But I don’t care. I’m only doing this for the pleasure of sharing my pictures, and writing about the places I’ve been and if in the middle of the way I end up helping one or two people with some crazy advise, YAY!!! Even better, eh?

So, I mostly travel by myself and I like it. Sometimes I travel with friends, but mostly, alone. And I’m NOT a professional travel blogger. I don’t get paid to travel the world and all. This was one of the reasons that kept me from starting this blog for a long time. Hell, I have a regular 9-5 office job with 3 weeks vacation and that is clearly not enough to keep  this site going all year-round. BUT I happen to live in a city that has, on TripAdvisor alone, 502 things to do. So, this will be a place where you can find tips about solo adventures, photography and it will be seasoned with some weird food inputs too, because you know, I’m allergic to WHEAT so all I eat is Gluten Free. So if you, by any chance, is also on a Gluten Free diet you might as well find some nice hints here, but also tips of things to do in Toronto and cities nearby (and by nearby I mean up to 7 hours driving) when I’m not Exploring the World. 

Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoy the trip!